Our Resident Dog

Boo was adopted by a family that eventually couldn't care for him.  After being a house dog, Boo set out to fend for himself.  After a few months on his own,  he found familiar and welcoming faces at Yachtsman Grill.  Gentle, sweet and loving, Boo loves cuddles, helps protect the beach from feral dogs and yes, has a few girlfriends!

PLEASE Do Not Feed

Boo is fed and cared for by Yachtsman Grill but we work hard to keep him from bothering guests who would prefer not to be interrupted during their meal.  If you would like to cuddle Boo or give him a treat, please do so outside of the restaurant on the beach.


Boo was born in 2016

Boo is a neutered male

Boo is very friendly and loves people, dogs and our resident cats

Common Questions

Q-I love Boo, can I adopt him?

A-Boo is not a dog that can live indoors (we tried adopting him 2x) and is VERY happy and cared for at YG

Q-Has Boo been making puppies?

A-Boo is VERY popular with some local female dogs but because he is neutered it is a platonic relationship with all

Q-What happens to Boo in bad weather?

A-In bad weather we have safe, temporary housing for him that has only been necessary during a hurricane

Help Support Animal Welfare on Nevis

If you would like to support animal welfare on Nevis, please contact Janice at

Nevis Animal Speak, Inc

A  non-profit animal welfare education program on Nevis designed to  promote positive companion animal welfare through FREE education  programs in Nevis schools, spay/neuter programs, behavior and training  and so much more!  Stop by the Nevis Animal Speak Education and Wellness Center  (please check hours) to learn more about their programs and see their great retail products for dogs and cats!