Beach Dogs

Occasionally dogs will make their way to Yachtsman Grill.'s beach area.  Some have owners and others do not.  As there is no clear way to tell, we ask that you use best judgement if trying to interact with any dog you see on the beach.

PLEASE Do Not Feed

We strongly ask you DO NOT FEED any dogs you see on the beach.  If you you encounter a dog you feel needs help, please alert Yachtsman Grill management and we will do our best to contact the proper authorities to help any animal in need.


Beach Dog Body Type: 

Beach dogs (owned and unowned) often have a much thinner body type.  You can see their ribs but they still have a perky disposition and walk with purpose.  If you can see the hip bones, then there is a concern of malnutrition and Yachtsman Grill management should be alerted to contact the proper authorities to help.

Common Questions

Q-Is there a spay/neuter program on Nevis?

A- Nevis Animal Speak ( is working hard to finalize an official low-cost program.  Please contact them for details and to support. 

Q-Does Nevis have a shelter?

A-There are no shelters on Nevis so population control is critical.  Nevis Animal Speak is working hard to make a large scale, low-cost spay/neuter program a reality.

Q-What happens to dogs during bad weather?

A-In bad weather we try to offer safe, temporary housing for dogs that are friendly enough to be helped. Thankfully this has only been necessary during a hurricane.

Help Support Animal Welfare on Nevis

If you would like to support animal welfare on Nevis, please contact Janice at

Nevis Animal Speak, Inc

A  non-profit animal welfare education program on Nevis designed to  promote positive companion animal welfare through FREE education  programs in Nevis schools, spay/neuter programs, behavior and training  and so much more!  Stop by the Nevis Animal Speak Education and Wellness Center  (please check hours) to learn more about their programs and see their great retail products for dogs and cats!