Tom and Jerry


Our Resident Cats

Tom and Jerry can be seen at Yachtsman Grill daily.  Originally rescued from near death on different parts of Nevis as kittens, Tom and Jerry have grown up happy.  Now past middle age, they still hunt for lizards and other small critters but prefer to lounge around the restaurant on the outdoor deck chairs, under bushes and Jerry especially likes to lay by the tables hoping for some table food!

PLEASE Do Not Feed

Although Jerry will beg, we ask you DO NOT feed him as his weight is a health issue and we would like him to be around for years to come.


Tom and Jerry are both neutered males

Jerry is a tabby cat

Tom is a black and white short hair

Tom and Jerry are middle age

Tom is very shy and doesn't like human contact

Jerry is very friendly and enjoys a tickle on his tummy and being pet most anywhere on his body

Common Questions

Q-Is Jerry pregnant?

A- NO, Jerry is a neutered male that begs food from our guests and is terribly overweight.  Please don't feed him.

Q-How old are Tom and Jerry?

A-They were born in 2013

Q-Do Tom and Jerry like to be picked up?

A-No.  Both cats are friendly but Tom is very shy and Jerry although friendly feels trapped when picked up and will panic trying to get away,

Help Support Animal Welfare on Nevis

If you would like to support animal welfare on Nevis, please contact Janice at

Nevis Animal Speak, Inc

A non-profit animal welfare education program on Nevis designed to promote positive companion animal welfare through FREE education programs in Nevis schools, spay/neuter programs, behavior and training and so much more!  Stop by their retail space called The Barking Lot (please check hours).